The adventures of little boy Finn

Finny & Sadie

Pic o’ the day: Tricycle

I had a great time hanging out…

I had a great time hanging out & playing with Uncle Gussie while he was in town!


My word for “zebra”: beebza!

Pic o’ the day: Napping with Mousie

Pic o’ the day: Mr. Neat

Finny meets the moon & stars

Finn and his mama went on a sunset walk that ended up in darkness. “Moon!” he shouted, pointing up at the sky. “Yep,” she said, “and those little lights are stars.” “Stars!” he said. “Yep, stars.” she replied. “Climb?” he asked. “Moon? Stars? Climb?”

My brother’s name!

I switched my name for Gabe from “Bee” to “Gabriel”!

Pic o’ the day: Puzzlemania!

What I was thinking about…

Mama was driving and I was silent and pensive in the back seat as I gazed out the car window at the rain. Mama said, “Finny, you’re so quiet. What’re you thinking about back there?” I looked at Mama and pointed to my nose: “Boogers.”