The adventures of little boy Finn

Finny & Sadie

Pic o’ the day: Tricycle

I had a great time hanging out…

I had a great time hanging out & playing with Uncle Gussie while he was in town!


My word for “zebra”: beebza!

Pic o’ the day: Napping with Mousie

Pic o’ the day: Mr. Neat

Finny meets the moon & stars

Finn and his mama went on a sunset walk that ended up in darkness. “Moon!” he shouted, pointing up at the sky. “Yep,” she said, “and those little lights are […]

My brother’s name!

I switched my name for Gabe from “Bee” to “Gabriel”!

Pic o’ the day: Puzzlemania!

What I was thinking about…

Mama was driving and I was silent and pensive in the back seat as I gazed out the car window at the rain. Mama said, “Finny, you’re so quiet. What’re […]