The adventures of little boy Finn

“I don’t wanna go to preschool today.”

Finn: “I don’t wanna go to preschool today. I just don’t want to.” Mama: “Well, what would you rather do?” Finn: “I wanna play…and make some phone calls.”

Pic o’ the day: Finny & his bestest cousin Rickie

I sure love my cousin Rickie! She spent the night last night & we had a great time together!

“I’m not gonna sleep in my closet!”

“I’m not gonna sleep in my closet! There are skunks & elephants & tigers & trains in dere!”

Finny’s questions & comments while having Where the Wild Things Are read to him

Just for fun, Mama wrote down all my questions and comments during this evening’s reading of Where the Wild Things Are: Why is he building dat fing? Why is he chasing […]

Tonight at dinner

Finny: Can I have a mushroom? Robin: Do you like mushrooms, Finny? Finny: No.