The adventures of little boy Finn

Find doze train tracks dat go up and down!

Finny: “Mama? Mama, could you help me find doze train tracks dat go up and down? Wif da bridges? Because… I have been finking about doze ALL DAY!”

Finny talking in his sleep

Poor Finny was talking in his sleep: “No, Gabe, I don’t want help. I don’t need any help, Gabe. Go away!”

Pic o’ the Day: I went to the Dentist for the first time!

I went to the dentist for the first time today, & I was a very good boy! The dentist said that my exam was better than perfect! So apparently my […]

A rare bird

Finny is playing with his collection of little plastic “aminals.” “Sshhhhh!” he just commanded Mama in a loud whisper. “They’ve spotted a rare bird!”

Naming mountain animals

Today at pre-school, I identified various mountain animals & then gave them names! Here they are! Squirty the mountain lion (thanks, Richard Scarry!) Jingle Bell the raccoon Catnip the coyote […]

It’s cold, mama!

Finn, getting into car: “It’s cold, Mama. It’s cold as a hot dog!” Me: “A hot dog?” Finn: “No… no… it’s cold as a Popsicle!” Gabe: “It’s as cold as […]


As we were driving to dinner tonight, Daddy mentioned to Gabe that a relative’s mother is dying of cancer. “Oh no!” said Gabe, “What kind?” Finny piped up, “I think […]

Endearing moments in a hectic morning

Mama wrote: Endearing moments in a hectic morning: 1) Gabe requests spicy okra and cauliflower pickles in his lunch; 2) Finn steps on the bathroom scale and says, “I’m measuring […]