The adventures of little boy Finn

Pics o’ the Day: Finny after school

Daddy picked up Finny from his pre-school, & he asked Daddy about taking him to Turtle Park. So that’s where we went! We climbed on things, & walked on things, & Daddy put Finny into the mouth of a turtle. After the park, we went home. It was such a lovely day that Daddy suggested […]

Finn sings Old McDonald

Three-year-old me serenades Mama & Gabe at breakfast with his own enthusiastic version of Old McDonald.


Gabe, in car tonight: “Squirrel!” Mama: “Huh? Where’s a squirrel?” Gabe: “Up your butt.” Mama: “Gabriel!” Finn: “Actually, up in a tree.” Me: “You’re right. Probably sleeping by now.” Gabe: “What? Aren’t squirrels nocturnal?” Mama: “No.” Me: “No.” Gabe: “Finn! You don’t even know what nocturnal means.” Me (thinks): “But owls are nocturnal.”

Me learning about pronouns!

Finn: Have some pepper, too, Mama. Here—my give you some. Mama: Oh, thank you, Finny. Finn: Thank you, Mama. Mama: Say, “You’re welcome!” Finn: I…I welcome!

Finny & Gabe build a fort with pillows in a dishwasher box

Brushing my teefies!

I handed Mama my Thomas the Tank Engine toothbrush & told her, “I brushed all my teefies, Mama!”

Pic o’ the day: “No more room for Finny!”

Finny calls Gabe a baaad word


Here’s what Mama heard in the car on the way home from piano this evening… Gabe: “Finn, did you just call me a bitch?!?” Finn: “Uh—huh! My call you a bitch! A bitch! A bitch! You a bitch, Gabe!”

Finny & Mama make a chalk creature

Finny & Mama make a chalk creature … … with polka dots … … & a spiky robotic tail … … while Finny drew pink poop. “I make poop!” When they were done, Finny took off his pants & shoes & started walking down the sidewalk!