The adventures of little boy Finn

1st piano recital (kind of)

6-year-old Finn recently started piano lessons, & this week he had his first group lesson, which is sort of an informal mini-recital with the teacher & other students to accustom the kids to playing in front of an audience. I was surprised he would even do this at all, given his record of varying levels […]

I slept by myself & dressed myself!

Guess who slept by himself last night and got a star, and also dressed himself this morning and got a star? Finny! There are 3 things I need to start doing: sleep by myself all night dress myself in the morning eat vegetables In an effort to get me to do those things, Ra-Ra made […]

Pic o’ the Day: I went to the Dentist for the first time!

I went to the dentist for the first time today, & I was a very good boy! The dentist said that my exam was better than perfect! So apparently my diet of sticky carbohydrates & refusing to let anyone help me brush my teeth is working nicely! Behold the promise of Finny’s teeth to come!

It’s my 4th birthday!

Mama said this: “Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet, sparkly-eyed, silly Finn. He surprises me and makes me laugh every day, and I am proud to be his mama.” Daddy said this: “Finny’a mama took this fabulous picture of our boy Finny, who will be 4 in just a few more hours!”

My 1st sentence

I said my 1st sentence: “I wanna eat!” How appropriate!

I walked 3 or 4 steps all by m…

I walked 3 or 4 steps all by myself about 10 times today, but I’m still a bit nervous about going any further than that!

I’m 1 year old!

I’m 1 year old!

Finn video of the day, 2009 0806

I’m 8 months old now, & I’m pretty good at crawling!

I can crawl two steps now, but…

I can crawl two steps now, but the big news is that I can easily pull myself up on my feet if I have something to hold on to!

I’m almost ready to crawl

I’m almost ready to crawl. Now I like to rock back & forth when I’m on all fours, so I’m close!