The adventures of little boy Finn

Mama, after reading to me one night

Mama, closing up Jenny Goes to Sea: “Okay, that’s the end of that chapter. Now I’m gonna go turn out Gabe’s light.” Finn: “No, stay here. Gabe can turn out […]

I’m playing with Gabe’s Lego car …

Finny: I’m playing with Gabe’s Lego car because he said it was OK for me to play with it. Mama: Really? Finny: Uh-huh. But don’t tell Gabe.

My first Lego set!

Yesterday I got my first Lego sets of my very own! One is a farm set with this cool tractor and cart. I’ve also been rooting through the huge bin […]

Daddy stirs Finny up

Daddy has a bad habit of getting Finny all stirred up right before bedtime. Ra-Ra really doesn’t like it when Daddy gets Finny all stirred up, especially when Daddy picks […]

3 feet 7 1/2 inches tall

Mama reports: As of this moment, Gabe is 4′ 7.5″ tall, & Finny is 3′ 7.5″. They are exactly one foot apart!

The best Old MacDonald ever!

I sang an extended rendition of Old MacDonald in the car today! It was only one line: “And on that farm he had a X, EIEIO”, where the X was […]

Pics o’ the Day: Missouri Botanical Garden

Mama took Gabe & I to the Missouri Botanical Garden today! We had a great time!      

Trying to build a train track

I was trying to build a train track: “Mama, I’m so frusterated!”

Pic o’ the day: Finny’s 2012 school picture

School pictures crack Mama up. Fortunately, the little snot trail sneaking out of Finny’s right nostril is really only visible on the 8×10.

Mama’s real name

Finny: “Mama, I call my daddy ‘Daddy,’ but Gabe calls him ‘Scott.’” Mama: “Right, because that’s his real name.” Gabe: “Finn, do you know my dad’s real name?” Finn: “Ken!” […]