The adventures of little boy Finn

Today I said “Yes” for the 1st…

Today I said “Yes” for the 1st time! & after that, “Yes, please!” Mama said it was preceded by the longest stutter she’d ever heard, so she know it took […]

Finny & Gabe build a fort with pillows in a dishwasher box

Pic o’ the day: Two goofballs with glasses

Brushing my teefies!

I handed Mama my Thomas the Tank Engine toothbrush & told her, “I brushed all my teefies, Mama!”

Pic o’ the day: “No more room for Finny!”

Finny calls Gabe a baaad word


Here’s what Mama heard in the car on the way home from piano this evening… Gabe: “Finn, did you just call me a bitch?!?” Finn: “Uh—huh! My call you a […]