The adventures of little boy Finn

Excited about kindergarten

Tonight I practiced copying letters on sheets of paper, saying I was doing my homework, and then I put the paper into a folder. I’m so excited about kindergarten. It’s great!

Daddy & Mama talk about how awesome I am

Daddy to Mama: Finny was just so ridiculously sweet & nice & good tonight! I kinda hope he never changes. Mama to Daddy: Yeah, he’s a real honey. I love so much about him: his emphatic sincerity, his constant singing, his funny drawings, his little baby teeth that won’t be there much longer…

Quite a vocabulary! (July 2014 edition)

Earlier today I told Ra-Ra I was sending her into a “magical vortex”. A few moments ago I walked into the family room & asked Daddy & Ra-Ra, “Who’s game for a fight to the death?”

I slept by myself & dressed myself!

Guess who slept by himself last night and got a star, and also dressed himself this morning and got a star? Finny! There are 3 things I need to start doing: sleep by myself all night dress myself in the morning eat vegetables In an effort to get me to do those things, Ra-Ra made […]

A scatological tale

Daddy is not including the picture that Mama sent him, just so you know. Here’s what she texted Daddy: Here is your son taking a crap in your front yard. He said he didn’t have to while we were still in the house. Then, right after we stepped outside, door locked, he said he HAD […]