The adventures of little boy Finn

Hot chocolate

I said this to Daddy earlier tonight: “I love hot chocolate. But I really like when you put milk in first. The milk makes it extraordinary!”

Dropping Gabe off at school

Every morning as Mama & I drop my brother Gabe off at school, Mama say, “Bye, sweetie! I love you! Have a wonderful day!” And I open the car window […]

Penguin necromancers!

Gabe & I were waging a ferocious battle in our room with stuffed animals and puppets earlier today. Mama heard me yell, “No, wait, I have another necromancer! I have […]


Translation: I am thankful for games like Uno and cats and dogs. And I am thankful for movies. And school. And toys. And food. And books. And family. (Note from […]

My cousin Rickie

Rickie: Good idea, Finn. Finn: That’s because I’m the brains and you’re the looks.

My brother & I discuss My Little Pony

Gabe, to Finny, who is watching My Little Pony on Mama’s iPad: “Finny, is that season 4?” Finny: “I dunno what it is. I think it’s season 2?” Gabe: “No, […]

Empathy for big brother Gabe

Poor big brother Gabe had to get four vaccinations at his annual doctor’s visit today. I was glad to be just a spectator, but I was also watching the procedure […]

Mama’s wish

Today Mama said, “In my next life, I’m going to have a normal, friendly, outgoing child.”

Building a fort

Rickie spent the night last night, & now we are starting to build a fort. I said, gleefully, “Our fort is just beginning to be born!”

Part of … the other team!

Daddy overheard Finny playing with Lego guys with Rickie. Rickie was the good guys, & Finny was the bad guys. Daddy heard Finny, voicing the bad guys in his deep, […]