The adventures of little boy Finn

Penguin necromancers!

Gabe & I were waging a ferocious battle in our room with stuffed animals and puppets earlier today. Mama heard me yell, “No, wait, I have another necromancer! I have […]


Remember this? I just got notified that my drawing is a semifinalist in the IKEA soft toy drawing contest!

My entry in the 2nd Annual IKEA Global Soft Toy Drawing Competition

I entered the following drawing in the 2nd Annual IKEA Global Soft Toy Drawing Competition! Here’s the scoop: Ten winners will have their designs produced and sold in IKEA stores […]

Pics o’ the Day: Finny’s Target adventure

At Target with Mama, Finny insisted on riding up and down the aisle, PEDALING! (normally he Fred Flintstones it & just uses his feet to propel him forward) While they […]

Pic o’ the Day: Playing in water at school

Here I am with a bunch of other kids at Forest Park Montessori School, playing with water & a bunch of other toys & stuff!

Pic o’ the Day: Feeding ducks

Mama & Gabe & I rode our bikes to Clifton Park! While we were there, we fed ducks!

Pic o’ the Day: Mixing bowl

I helped Mama make Gabe’s birthday cake! She warned me first about putting my fingers in the bowl while the mixer is going, & I promised her I would never […]

From Mama’s blog: Imaginative Play

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. Yet another difference between my two boys: Gabe did almost no imaginative play as a preschooler; Finn acts out elaborate […]

Pic o’ the Day: Where’s Finny at the Farmer’s Market?

This article & picture appeared on a local news website! And where is Finny, you might ask? Hiding behind Mama & Gabe, as I didn’t want to be in the […]

Pic o’ the Day: Finny & Trish at Forest Park Montessori School

I’m sharing a funny moment with Trish, my (very patient) teacher & the founder of Forest Park Montessori School, my pre-school!