The adventures of little boy Finn

Dropping Gabe off at school

Every morning as Mama & I drop my brother Gabe off at school, Mama say, “Bye, sweetie! I love you! Have a wonderful day!” And I open the car window and yell out after him, “Bye, Gabe! Make sure you vomit on a teacher! And then a student! And then tie them up with a […]

Penguin necromancers!

Gabe & I were waging a ferocious battle in our room with stuffed animals and puppets earlier today. Mama heard me yell, “No, wait, I have another necromancer! I have two penguin necromancers!” Mama described this picture as “The battlefield is strewn with stuffed bodies, stricken warriors of plush.”

My brother & I discuss My Little Pony

Gabe, to Finny, who is watching My Little Pony on Mama’s iPad: “Finny, is that season 4?” Finny: “I dunno what it is. I think it’s season 2?” Gabe: “No, it can’t be season 2 if Twilight Sparkle has her wings.”

My Monday morning joke

Me: “Hey Gabe, what happened to the saber-toothed tiger who fell into the lava?” Gabe: “He died.” Me: “No! He climbed out of the lava and got hit by a school bus and then he died!”

Empathy for big brother Gabe

Poor big brother Gabe had to get four vaccinations at his annual doctor’s visit today. I was glad to be just a spectator, but I was also watching the procedure with great trepidation. When the first needle went in, Gabe quietly winced, but I screamed bloody murder!

Pic o’ the Day: Feeding ducks

Mama & Gabe & I rode our bikes to Clifton Park! While we were there, we fed ducks!

Pic o’ the Day: Where’s Finny at the Farmer’s Market?

This article & picture appeared on a local news website! And where is Finny, you might ask? Hiding behind Mama & Gabe, as I didn’t want to be in the picture!

Pic o’ the Day: Yoda hats

Mama took Gabe & I to the new Lego Store & we got these cool Yoda hats!

Pic o’ the Day: Hide & seek

Finny played Hide & Seek with Gabe. Gabe likes to climb up trees to hide!

Pic o’ the Day: From Mama’s blog: A beautiful day for riding bikes

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. … and a beautiful day for goofy faces: