The adventures of little boy Finn

Empathy for big brother Gabe

Poor big brother Gabe had to get four vaccinations at his annual doctor’s visit today. I was glad to be just a spectator, but I was also watching the procedure with great trepidation. When the first needle went in, Gabe quietly winced, but I screamed bloody murder!

What I do with the door!

What I do: 1 Slam bathroom door shut! 2 Scream because I’m trapped! 3 When someone opens the door, slam it! Scream more loudly! 4 Repeat!

Finn pic of the day, 2009 0522

From “Wha?!?” To “Waaah!”

Finn pic of the day, 2008 1205

As the sun set at the end of Finn’s first day, he cried and his mama held him, trying to comfort him and his little beet red face.