The adventures of little boy Finn

Hot chocolate

I said this to Daddy earlier tonight: “I love hot chocolate. But I really like when you put milk in first. The milk makes it extraordinary!”

Who’s Cheatin’ Who?

Mama wrote: I love being Finn’s mom. This morning, still sleepily snuggling in bed, he sang “Who’s Cheatin’ Who?” with a perfect Texas drawl. I’m still cracking up. Scott Granneman, […]

Daddy & Mama talk about how awesome I am

Daddy to Mama: Finny was just so ridiculously sweet & nice & good tonight! I kinda hope he never changes. Mama to Daddy: Yeah, he’s a real honey. I love […]

Daddy stirs Finny up

Daddy has a bad habit of getting Finny all stirred up right before bedtime. Ra-Ra really doesn’t like it when Daddy gets Finny all stirred up, especially when Daddy picks […]

It’s my 4th birthday!

Mama said this: “Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet, sparkly-eyed, silly Finn. He surprises me and makes me laugh every day, and I am proud to be his mama.” Daddy […]

Pics o’ the Day: Daddy & Finny after a haircut

Daddy & I got haircuts together today! Here we are right after! I’m sucking on a lollipop!

“Look at my baseball, Daddy!”

3-yr-old Finny: Look at my baseball, Daddy! Daddy: That’s a basketball, honey. Baseballs are white. Finny: Not mine!

Pic o’ the day: Finny with Daddy, Grandma Betty Sue, & Uncle Gussie

This was also Daddy’s 44th birthday!

Pics o’ the Day: Finny after school

Daddy picked up Finny from his pre-school, & he asked Daddy about taking him to Turtle Park. So that’s where we went! We climbed on things, & walked on things, […]

Finn video of the day, 2009 0830

Daddy & I had quite the conversation!