The adventures of little boy Finn

Penguin necromancers!

Gabe & I were waging a ferocious battle in our room with stuffed animals and puppets earlier today. Mama heard me yell, “No, wait, I have another necromancer! I have two penguin necromancers!” Mama described this picture as “The battlefield is strewn with stuffed bodies, stricken warriors of plush.”

From Mama’s blog: Imaginative Play

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. Yet another difference between my two boys: Gabe did almost no imaginative play as a preschooler; Finn acts out elaborate dramatic scenarios involving cars, trucks, plastic animals and astronauts, pretzels, pieces of cheese, whatever he can get his little hands on. I love eavesdropping, hearing […]

Pic o’ the Day: From Mama’s blog: A beautiful day for riding bikes

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. … and a beautiful day for goofy faces:

Pics o’ the Day: Missouri Botanical Garden

Mama took Gabe & I to the Missouri Botanical Garden today! We had a great time!      

Pics o’ the Day: Daddy & Finny after a haircut

Daddy & I got haircuts together today! Here we are right after! I’m sucking on a lollipop!

“Can we go outside and draw with chalk?”

Finny: I cleaned up my mess, Mama. Can we go outside and draw with chalk now? Mama: Sure. Finny: Can we make a cardinal bird? Can we make a lot of birds? Mama: Sure. You want to make a whole bunch of different colors of birds? Finny: Yeah! And a whole buncha colors of roads, […]

Pics o’ the Day: Finny after school

Daddy picked up Finny from his pre-school, & he asked Daddy about taking him to Turtle Park. So that’s where we went! We climbed on things, & walked on things, & Daddy put Finny into the mouth of a turtle. After the park, we went home. It was such a lovely day that Daddy suggested […]

Finny & Gabe build a fort with pillows in a dishwasher box

Pic o’ the day: Tricycle

What I do with the door!

What I do: 1 Slam bathroom door shut! 2 Scream because I’m trapped! 3 When someone opens the door, slam it! Scream more loudly! 4 Repeat!