The adventures of little boy Finn

Building a fort

Rickie spent the night last night, & now we are starting to build a fort. I said, gleefully, “Our fort is just beginning to be born!”

Playing & playing

Mama said that I played a lot today! Makes Lego guys, has them fight one another, draws pictures, makes robots out of recycling bin items, packs a grocery bag of stuff he wants to bring to Marshall, sets up a tea party for us and Pengy Penguin…all while singing continually.

Part of … the other team!

Daddy overheard Finny playing with Lego guys with Rickie. Rickie was the good guys, & Finny was the bad guys. Daddy heard Finny, voicing the bad guys in his deep, “evil” voice: “We used to be part of your team. But now we’re part of [long pause, trying to think of what to say] … […]

Pics o’ the Day: Finny’s Target adventure

At Target with Mama, Finny insisted on riding up and down the aisle, PEDALING! (normally he Fred Flintstones it & just uses his feet to propel him forward) While they were at Target, Mama bought Finny a new dinosaur toy. Finn took this picture and says: “This is my dinosaur, and his name is Horns, […]

Pic o’ the Day: Playing in water at school

Here I am with a bunch of other kids at Forest Park Montessori School, playing with water & a bunch of other toys & stuff!

Pic o’ the Day: Feeding ducks

Mama & Gabe & I rode our bikes to Clifton Park! While we were there, we fed ducks!

From Mama’s blog: Imaginative Play

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. Yet another difference between my two boys: Gabe did almost no imaginative play as a preschooler; Finn acts out elaborate dramatic scenarios involving cars, trucks, plastic animals and astronauts, pretzels, pieces of cheese, whatever he can get his little hands on. I love eavesdropping, hearing […]

Pic o’ the Day: Yoda hats

Mama took Gabe & I to the new Lego Store & we got these cool Yoda hats!

Pic o’ the Day: Hide & seek

Finny played Hide & Seek with Gabe. Gabe likes to climb up trees to hide!

Pic o’ the Day: Finny in Clifton Park

Today, I went with Mama & Gabe to Clifton Park. I played & fed ducks!