The adventures of little boy Finn

My cousin Rickie

Rickie: Good idea, Finn. Finn: That’s because I’m the brains and you’re the looks.

Building a fort

Rickie spent the night last night, & now we are starting to build a fort. I said, gleefully, “Our fort is just beginning to be born!”

Part of … the other team!

Daddy overheard Finny playing with Lego guys with Rickie. Rickie was the good guys, & Finny was the bad guys. Daddy heard Finny, voicing the bad guys in his deep, […]

Oh no, part 73

Finny: “Hey Rickie, would you smack my ass?!”

Pic o’ the day: Finny & his bestest cousin Rickie

I sure love my cousin Rickie! She spent the night last night & we had a great time together!

I had a super fun time playing…

I had a super fun time playing with trick r treaters & my cousins Rickie & Sydney & their friends! I was a cute little chubby penguin!