The adventures of little boy Finn


Translation: I wish I could have a waterslide. It would have loopty-loops two of them. Then a big drop. And last but not least time to ride it Hahhhhhhhh. It’s awesome! First the loopty-loops then a big big ice cream cone came from the sky!


Translation: I am thankful for games like Uno and cats and dogs. And I am thankful for movies. And school. And toys. And food. And books. And family. (Note from Daddy: At least we made the list!)

Cole slaw

At lunch today, I saw a classmate’s cole slaw and said, “What the hell is that?” I got a frownie for that. 🙁 Funnily enough, the classmate’s name was Cole, so I was commenting about Cole’s cole slaw!


Daddy’s friend Jans was at a violin recital yesterday that his 12-year-old daughter Fiona was performing in. He was sitting next to a woman whose son was also performing. The woman had a little girl with her. Jans started talking to the little girl. Jans: What grade are you in? Little girl: I’m in kindergarten! […]

Excited about kindergarten

Tonight I practiced copying letters on sheets of paper, saying I was doing my homework, and then I put the paper into a folder. I’m so excited about kindergarten. It’s great!

Pic o’ the Day: Playing in water at school

Here I am with a bunch of other kids at Forest Park Montessori School, playing with water & a bunch of other toys & stuff!

Pic o’ the Day: Finny & Trish at Forest Park Montessori School

I’m sharing a funny moment with Trish, my (very patient) teacher & the founder of Forest Park Montessori School, my pre-school!

Naming mountain animals

Today at pre-school, I identified various mountain animals & then gave them names! Here they are! Squirty the mountain lion (thanks, Richard Scarry!) Jingle Bell the raccoon Catnip the coyote Boris the bear (thanks, Dr. Seuss!) Owl the owl (thanks, Winnie-the-Pooh!) Rudolph the elk Smokey the big-horned sheep (thanks again, Richard Scarry!) Snowman the zombie […]

Pic o’ the day: Finny’s 2012 school picture

School pictures crack Mama up. Fortunately, the little snot trail sneaking out of Finny’s right nostril is really only visible on the 8×10.

PIc o’ the day: Finny’s moose

I drew this today: Daddy asked me what it was & I said “a moose drinking”.