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From Mama’s blog: Nostalgia for language permutations

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Of course I want my children to speak clearly and with accurate pronunciation and grammar and all … but part of me will always miss those hilarious mispronunciations and misuses and reversals and convolutions of which, with a four-year-old, there are fewer and fewer all the time. So these days I cherish every adorable “somefing” and “I builded it!” and “Where’s da ‘nudder one?” and “My brudder Gabe” just as we celebrate all the correctly used new words he learns every day. And I’m sure many of them will be permanent fixtures of the family lingo for decades to come, just as in most families.

Today we had an icy snowstorm, and nobody was going anywhere, so we all had a lovely day inside, cooking and baking and watching movies and playing with trains; and Finn used one of my favorites:

Finny with trains

Me: “Which train is your favorite, Finny?”

Finn: “I like James, with his red coat of paint and the number 5. What’s your favorite, Mama?”

Me: “I like that Chinese dragon.”

Finn: “No! Your favorite is Rosie, ’cause she’s a grale!”

…that’s a “grale” as opposed to a boy, of course. And the furry, bushy-tailed scampering little rodent in the tree is a “squale.”

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