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From Mama’s blog: On Reverse Psychology

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Today I am grateful to the genius who invented reverse psychology. It came in mighty handy this hurried morning, which went sort of like this …

Me, in the bathroom getting ready: “Oooo, thanks for putting your dishes in the sink. But I bet you can’t get dressed all by yourself!”

Finn: (giggle giggle) “Yes I can!” (Runs off)

Me: “Come back here! And don’t you dare take off your jammies and put on clean underwear!”

Finn (giggle giggle giggle) runs back to the bathroom, completely naked, except for the one leg in his clean Thomas the Train undies.

Me: “NO! Don’t you put those on!”

Finn: (giggle) “I did it!”

Me: “Oh, I’m so angry! Well, just as long as you don’t put your pants on, it’s okay.”

Finn runs off again, comes back wearing blue jeans, carrying his lizard t-shirt. “Mama, look!”

Me: “Aaaaagghh! I can’t believe you put those on! You stop there, though. Absolutely no more clothes.”

Finn: (more giggles) “Mama, tell me not to put my shirt on.”

Me: “Oh, don’t you even think about putting that shirt on. Hey! No! Stop!”

Finn’s silly, grinning face pops out of his shirt neck.

Me: “Don’t you put your arms through those sleeves … noooooo ….”

And giggly Finn stands before me, fully dressed. Then he had the temerity to put on his socks and shoes. Can you believe it?

Finny with underwear on his head

This is how it usually goes.

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