The adventures of little boy Finn

A scatological tale

Daddy is not including the picture that Mama sent him, just so you know. Here’s what she texted Daddy:

Here is your son taking a crap in your front yard. He said he didn’t have to while we were still in the house. Then, right after we stepped outside, door locked, he said he HAD to poop right then, and no he could not wait. So he pooped right there.

We cleaned it up. I had baby wipes with me, fortunately, so I wiped him and picked up the poop with them and put the poop in an empty egg carton I had in the hatchback and put that in your trash.

Gabe videoed the whole thing, per Fiona’s request. And then Fiona insisted on showing the video to Sarah when we took her home. Sarah said, “Fiona, please! I’m trying to eat.”

Finn loved the whole thing. Not the slightest bit embarrassed about any of it.

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