The adventures of little boy Finn

Daddy & Mama talk about how awesome I am

Daddy to Mama: Finny was just so ridiculously sweet & nice & good tonight! I kinda hope he never changes. Mama to Daddy: Yeah, he’s a real honey. I love […]

A scatological tale

Daddy is not including the picture that Mama sent him, just so you know. Here’s what she texted Daddy: Here is your son taking a crap in your front yard. […]

Oh no, part 73

Finny: “Hey Rickie, would you smack my ass?!”

Finny asked Mama for help

Mama & I had this conversation last night! Finn: “Mama, will you help me put on my jammies?” Me: “You can put your jammies on by yourself.” Finn: “But I […]

Talking more softly

Mama: “Finny, sometimes you hurt our ears when you talk in such a loud voice. Let’s try talking a little more softly instead of yelling.” Finn: “BLAAAAAHHHHH!”

I want to play with my fire truck

Finn: “I want to play with my fire truck.” Me: “Oh, okay, it’s right there.” Finn: “I KNOW. I just SAW it.” Me: “Okay, I didn’t know if you knew […]

From Mama’s blog: On Reverse Psychology

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. Today I am grateful to the genius who invented reverse psychology. It came in mighty handy this hurried morning, which […]

From Mama’s blog: Mama’s Guide to Inducing Despair in Your Four-Year-Old

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. Today’s tip: While packing his lunch, make his PBJ on the really expensive bread with millet seeds in it.

From Mama’s blog: Dinner Drama

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. At dinner tonight, Finn required a short period of grieving for the meal he had meant to ask for. When […]

Pic o’ the Day: Feeding ducks

Mama & Gabe & I rode our bikes to Clifton Park! While we were there, we fed ducks!