The adventures of little boy Finn


Mama, at 7:30 this morning: “Finny, we’re about to go out the door. Socks and shoes, please.” Me: “Justice doesn’t put on socks and shoes.”

I slept by myself & dressed myself!

Guess who slept by himself last night and got a star, and also dressed himself this morning and got a star? Finny! There are 3 things I need to start doing: sleep by myself all night dress myself in the morning eat vegetables In an effort to get me to do those things, Ra-Ra made […]

From Mama’s blog: On Reverse Psychology

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. Today I am grateful to the genius who invented reverse psychology. It came in mighty handy this hurried morning, which went sort of like this … Me, in the bathroom getting ready: “Oooo, thanks for putting your dishes in the sink. But I bet you […]

Finny & Mama make a chalk creature

Finny & Mama make a chalk creature … … with polka dots … … & a spiky robotic tail … … while Finny drew pink poop. “I make poop!” When they were done, Finny took off his pants & shoes & started walking down the sidewalk!

Finn pic of the day, 2008 0406

A very alert Finn at 4 months old, wearing his little doggie suit given to him by Denise.