The adventures of little boy Finn

A rare bird

Finny is playing with his collection of little plastic “aminals.” “Sshhhhh!” he just commanded Mama in a loud whisper. “They’ve spotted a rare bird!”

Finny’s Guide to Being a Toddler

My mama wrote this today: Finn’s Guide to How to Be a Toddler Pull everything off every shelf; Dump everything out of everything; Spread all these things all over the house–be creative about placement! Go scream at your mom because you’ve been working hard and you’re hungry. Refuse sleep–it’s for weaklings! I’m so proud she’s […]

Finn video of the day, 2009 0830

Daddy & I had quite the conversation!

Finn video of the day, 2009 0725

[flv: 480 640] I saw this huge bottle on the table at my Mama’s & figured I could suck on it. I was sadly wrong.

Finn pic of the day, 2009 0815

Sometimes babies just need to sit and think. And sometimes they just gotta drive!

Finn pic of the day, 2009 0811

My Mama’s cat Zippy & I are best buds. The cat has been fascinated with me ever since he saw me, and loves laying next to me as often as possible.

Finn pic of the day, 2009 0809

Bouncing around in the horsey ride was fun!

Finn pic of the day, 2009 0807

Here am I am at the pool, which I absolutely love! I’m being held by Gabe’s daddy Ken.

Finn video of the day, 2009 0806

I’m 8 months old now, & I’m pretty good at crawling!

I like saying “Aaaahhh” & “Buh…”

I like saying “Aaaahhh” & “Buh” & “Bwuh” & “Guh”, but my absolute favorite thing to do is blow repeated enthusiastic raspberries!