The adventures of little boy Finn

Hot chocolate

I said this to Daddy earlier tonight: “I love hot chocolate. But I really like when you put milk in first. The milk makes it extraordinary!”

Dropping Gabe off at school

Every morning as Mama & I drop my brother Gabe off at school, Mama say, “Bye, sweetie! I love you! Have a wonderful day!” And I open the car window and yell out after him, “Bye, Gabe! Make sure you vomit on a teacher! And then a student! And then tie them up with a […]


Translation: I wish I could have a waterslide. It would have loopty-loops two of them. Then a big drop. And last but not least time to ride it Hahhhhhhhh. It’s awesome! First the loopty-loops then a big big ice cream cone came from the sky!


Translation: I am thankful for games like Uno and cats and dogs. And I am thankful for movies. And school. And toys. And food. And books. And family. (Note from Daddy: At least we made the list!)

The what?!

After Mama dropped off Gabe and his enormous bass at school this morning, she pointed to a very tall building on the SLU campus. Me: “What would happen if I jumped off that building?” Mama: “You’d probably die. And it would hurt a lot.” Me: “What if I landed in a tree?” Mama: “You’d probably […]

My cousin Rickie

Rickie: Good idea, Finn. Finn: That’s because I’m the brains and you’re the looks.

My brother & I discuss My Little Pony

Gabe, to Finny, who is watching My Little Pony on Mama’s iPad: “Finny, is that season 4?” Finny: “I dunno what it is. I think it’s season 2?” Gabe: “No, it can’t be season 2 if Twilight Sparkle has her wings.”

My Monday morning joke

Me: “Hey Gabe, what happened to the saber-toothed tiger who fell into the lava?” Gabe: “He died.” Me: “No! He climbed out of the lava and got hit by a school bus and then he died!”

Empathy for big brother Gabe

Poor big brother Gabe had to get four vaccinations at his annual doctor’s visit today. I was glad to be just a spectator, but I was also watching the procedure with great trepidation. When the first needle went in, Gabe quietly winced, but I screamed bloody murder!

Mama’s new name

I was over at Mama’s house, when the mailman showed up. Mama was talking to him, when I walked up to him and said, “Did you know my mom’s name is poop?”