The adventures of little boy Finn

Penguin necromancers!

Gabe & I were waging a ferocious battle in our room with stuffed animals and puppets earlier today. Mama heard me yell, “No, wait, I have another necromancer! I have two penguin necromancers!” Mama described this picture as “The battlefield is strewn with stuffed bodies, stricken warriors of plush.”

Pics o’ the Day: Finny’s Target adventure

At Target with Mama, Finny insisted on riding up and down the aisle, PEDALING! (normally he Fred Flintstones it & just uses his feet to propel him forward) While they were at Target, Mama bought Finny a new dinosaur toy. Finn took this picture and says: “This is my dinosaur, and his name is Horns, […]

From Mama’s blog: Imaginative Play

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. Yet another difference between my two boys: Gabe did almost no imaginative play as a preschooler; Finn acts out elaborate dramatic scenarios involving cars, trucks, plastic animals and astronauts, pretzels, pieces of cheese, whatever he can get his little hands on. I love eavesdropping, hearing […]

Video o’ the Day: Finny’s story

I told a story about my trucks! Mama especially liked my little wiggle at the end!

From Mama’s blog: Nostalgia for language permutations

Mama has a blog & sometimes we cross-post it here. Of course I want my children to speak clearly and with accurate pronunciation and grammar and all … but part of me will always miss those hilarious mispronunciations and misuses and reversals and convolutions of which, with a four-year-old, there are fewer and fewer all […]

Find doze train tracks dat go up and down!

Finny: “Mama? Mama, could you help me find doze train tracks dat go up and down? Wif da bridges? Because… I have been finking about doze ALL DAY!”

A rare bird

Finny is playing with his collection of little plastic “aminals.” “Sshhhhh!” he just commanded Mama in a loud whisper. “They’ve spotted a rare bird!”

My first Lego set!

Yesterday I got my first Lego sets of my very own! One is a farm set with this cool tractor and cart. I’ve also been rooting through the huge bin of other Legos, and I guess I found a few friends to help out on the farm!

Sharky makes letters

Finny, holding stuffed shark who is supposedly holding pencil: “Look, Mama, I’m showing Sharky how to make letters. See? He made a F for me.” Mama: “Wow, yeah, that’s a good F. You taught him really well.” Finny: “Yeah. Hey, hold onto the pencil, Sharky! (Then in low Sharky voice) NO! Haha. Sharky’s funny, isn’t […]

Yelling at his trains

Finny, on the floor yelling at his trains: “Thomas! Don’t be uhdickalous! Percy, what do you have to say for yourself?”