The adventures of little boy Finn

Finny’s questions & comments while having Where the Wild Things Are read to him

Just for fun, Mama wrote down all my questions and comments during this evening’s reading of Where the Wild Things Are:

Why is he building dat fing?
Why is he chasing dat dog?
Why did his mudder call him Wild Fing?
Why are trees growing in his room?
Mama, what happened to his wall? Why is it gone?
Why did Max went outside?
Why is Max in the forest?
Dat says “Max”!
Why is dat fing in the water?
Why is he mad?
Why are they coming toward him?
Why is dat guy riding on his back?
Mama, what is dat guy doing?
Mama, dat is a silly monster I ever seen!
Why did dey made him king?
Why did dey say it was bedtime?

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