The adventures of little boy Finn


Translation: I am thankful for games like Uno and cats and dogs. And I am thankful for movies. And school. And toys. And food. And books. And family. (Note from Daddy: At least we made the list!)

Quite a vocabulary! (July 2014 edition)

Earlier today I told Ra-Ra I was sending her into a “magical vortex”. A few moments ago I walked into the family room & asked Daddy & Ra-Ra, “Who’s game for a fight to the death?”

I slept by myself & dressed myself!

Guess who slept by himself last night and got a star, and also dressed himself this morning and got a star? Finny! There are 3 things I need to start doing: sleep by myself all night dress myself in the morning eat vegetables In an effort to get me to do those things, Ra-Ra made […]

A scatological tale

Daddy is not including the picture that Mama sent him, just so you know. Here’s what she texted Daddy: Here is your son taking a crap in your front yard. He said he didn’t have to while we were still in the house. Then, right after we stepped outside, door locked, he said he HAD […]

Oh no, part 73

Finny: “Hey Rickie, would you smack my ass?!”

Pics o’ the Day: Gusmas 2013

Lots of families have Christmas, but my family is the only one that has Christmas & then, a few months later, has Gusmas, when my Uncle Gussie can come home & celebrate with everyone! We have to wait until then because Gussie works for a football team & so he can’t be there at Christmas! […]

8:50 a.m. and it’s time to leave

Mama says: 8:50 a.m.: Almost time to leave, and I have one saying he has no appetite and is too sick to go to school; and the other is parading around naked singing Jingle Bells in a Louis Armstrong voice and pretending he’s a robot. We’re off to a great start!

Pics o’ the Day: Missouri Botanical Garden

Mama took Gabe & I to the Missouri Botanical Garden today! We had a great time!      

Mama’s real name

Finny: “Mama, I call my daddy ‘Daddy,’ but Gabe calls him ‘Scott.’” Mama: “Right, because that’s his real name.” Gabe: “Finn, do you know my dad’s real name?” Finn: “Ken!” Mama: “Right! Do you know Mama’s real name?” Finn: “Uh-huh. Carrie Newborns!”

Pic o’ the day: Finny & his bestest cousin Rickie

I sure love my cousin Rickie! She spent the night last night & we had a great time together!