The adventures of little boy Finn

Pic o’ the Day: Easter eggs!

I was very proud of the Easter eggs that Gabe & I colored!

Pics o’ the Day: Gusmas 2013

Lots of families have Christmas, but my family is the only one that has Christmas & then, a few months later, has Gusmas, when my Uncle Gussie can come home […]

My first Lego set!

Yesterday I got my first Lego sets of my very own! One is a farm set with this cool tractor and cart. I’ve also been rooting through the huge bin […]

Finn pic of the day, 2009 0510

Daddy & I have fun with each other on Mother’s Day 2009! And look – I can hold my bottle all by myself!

Finn pic of the day, 2008 0219

Finn’s dad & his family can’t celebrate Christmas until Finn’s Uncle Gus is done with the football season (he’s the Equipment Director for the New York Jets). When his dad […]

Finn pic of the day, 2008 1225

Finn in his dad’s arms, yawning, at 20 days old. This was the 1st picture of him yawning, something he had been doing regularly.