The adventures of little boy Finn

I slept by myself & dressed myself!

Guess who slept by himself last night and got a star, and also dressed himself this morning and got a star? Finny! There are 3 things I need to start doing: sleep by myself all night dress myself in the morning eat vegetables In an effort to get me to do those things, Ra-Ra made […]

Finny talking in his sleep

Poor Finny was talking in his sleep: “No, Gabe, I don’t want help. I don’t need any help, Gabe. Go away!”

Pic o’ the day: No room for Mama

Last night Mama told me

Last night Mama told me “People who kick and hit me do not get to sleep in my bed!”

“I’m not gonna sleep in my closet!”

“I’m not gonna sleep in my closet! There are skunks & elephants & tigers & trains in dere!”

Mama emailed Daddy at 11:30 pm

“i gather Finny had a very long nap today, as he is still awake.”

“Out of nowhere, I said this tonight…”

Out of nowhere, I said this tonight in bed while stalling for time: “It’s rabbit season! Duck season! Rabbit season! Duck season!”

Pic o’ the day: Napping with Mousie

Pic o’ the day: Sleeping

Pic o’ the day: Sleeping peacefully