The adventures of little boy Finn

My Monday morning joke

Me: “Hey Gabe, what happened to the saber-toothed tiger who fell into the lava?” Gabe: “He died.” Me: “No! He climbed out of the lava and got hit by a […]

“I’m not gonna sleep in my closet!”

“I’m not gonna sleep in my closet! There are skunks & elephants & tigers & trains in dere!”

Finny’s questions & comments while having Where the Wild Things Are read to him

Just for fun, Mama wrote down all my questions and comments during this evening’s reading of Where the Wild Things Are: Why is he building dat fing? Why is he chasing […]

Tonight at dinner

Finny: Can I have a mushroom? Robin: Do you like mushrooms, Finny? Finny: No.

“Out of nowhere, I said this tonight…”

Out of nowhere, I said this tonight in bed while stalling for time: “It’s rabbit season! Duck season! Rabbit season! Duck season!”

Me learning about pronouns!

Finn: Have some pepper, too, Mama. Here—my give you some. Mama: Oh, thank you, Finny. Finn: Thank you, Mama. Mama: Say, “You’re welcome!” Finn: I…I welcome!


My word for “zebra”: beebza!

Finny meets the moon & stars

Finn and his mama went on a sunset walk that ended up in darkness. “Moon!” he shouted, pointing up at the sky. “Yep,” she said, “and those little lights are […]

My brother’s name!

I switched my name for Gabe from “Bee” to “Gabriel”!

What I was thinking about…

Mama was driving and I was silent and pensive in the back seat as I gazed out the car window at the rain. Mama said, “Finny, you’re so quiet. What’re […]